How To Earn

The ultimate goal in KC is to purchase as much estate as you can (Hovels, Villages, Manors, Fiefs, and Kingdoms). The more estate you have, the more tribute you earn on a daily basis. However, there are some other ways to supplement the tributes you receive, just like in a typical feudal system. Tribute from associates – In the medieval times, alliances between Knights/Nobles/Lords/Kings were commonplace. Typically, the one of a lower stature or one who was initiated in by the other would pay a small tribute. For example, if A is a Noble, and initiates B as a knight, B would send a monthly tribute to A.

However, this was only applicable for land-owners of similar ranks or where one’s rank was clearly superior to another. For example, if A is a noble and initiates B as a knight, who eventually becomes a Lord/King, he would not pay any tribute to A. Similarly in KC, any associates that are referred by you pay you a tribute on a monthly basis. For example, if you have a Level 3 account and refer someone else who has a Level 2/3 account, you would receive a monthly tribute from them. Should they upgrade to a Level 4 account, however, you would not receive any further tribute unless you upgrade to level 4 as well.

- Tribute from estate purchases of associates – whenever any associate purchases an estate, you receive a tribute. This was a common practice in not just Feudal systems, but in many other cultures as well. Associates were expected to pay a small ‘fee’ to those who introduced them to profitable/productive lands at good rates. Some have mused that this is where the modern realtor fee originates! In this setup, whenever a referred gamer purchases any estate, you receive crowns equivalent to 10% of the purchase. For example, if a gamer you have referred purchases estate worth 500,000 crowns, you would receive 50,000 crowns as tribute!

- Tribute from Hovels – Everyday, your estate earns you a tribute. This is calculated based on the overall advertising revenues taken in by KC from various media channels. The more hovels you have, the more your tribute increases on a daily basis! All you have to do, is log in, and click on ‘Collect Tribute’ button to get your daily tribute in! Note that you can also hire an accountant who will collect all tributes up to a Fief for you on a daily basis.

- Tribute from playing games – At the end of every month, KC gives out additional crowns to all players that have at least one estate (regardless of the level or value). The crowns received are in proportion to the number of games played every month by each player. For this to be counted, you MUST be logged into your account when you play the games.